Business Recovery Workshop

If you ask 95 out of 100 general contractors and builders about their business, you will hear the same stories: 

  • They work too hard for too little. 

  • They never get out of debt.

  • They never have big money leftover to invest.

  • They can not stop working because they need money to live on.


Statistics also indicate only 1 in 3 constructions business survives for the first 5 years. 

If you are struggling with your business and you wondering how to make your business to be successful, I would like to invite you to join our 12 weeks program.

Our 12 weeks business recovery workshop is designed for the construction business owners who are struggling to make the business works. this program, you will learn what is not working in your business. We will show you the way to turn business around and be able to see immediate improvement on your profitability. 


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