At Tax Ezi you won't get your normal account who you only talk to once per qtr. You will get the comprehensive support that you need to strive your ultimate business success.


Do our services provide benefits?


We'll let our client answer that in their reviews below.


“It seems like a long time ago but only as recent as last October we started consulting with Victor. Initially we engaged Victor to assist us with creating some surplus capital to help my business partner and I invest for the future. As it happens in small business we were encountering a lot of inconsistent periods when it came to our cashflow. After analysing our accounts Victor brought to our attention some keys reasons behind this and proposed doing a two month trial using his cashflow systems to help build up our cash position. Before the two months were up we knew that we would be leaving our previous accountants and staying on with Victor. Since then Victor consults with us on everything including; cashflow, project planning, investing, tax minimisation and more.


The level of attention and care given by Victor is second to none. In addition to knowing our cashflow position is constantly improving we also have peace of mind knowing that we have a plan for all possible scenarios that could occur. I cannot speak highly enough about the amount of stress relief and confidence this has brought to the business. 


We would highly recommend Victor to anybody requiring an accountant, whether it be for tax purposes or to consult with about their business cashflow and business growth.”  


- Andrew Michael 


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"Over the 5 years of running my business, I have worked with a number of accountants. They all were professional and provided services as agreed. However, none of them showed any interest in learning more about us, to understand better our needs and to be able to advise us accordingly. 


5 months ago, Victor has approached us and offered free consultation where we discussed our situation and where we want to be in the future. Based on this Victor created a proposal of services, which I accepted and we have started working together.


We have formed a close relationship and work well together, Victor has essentially became a part of our company. I am very impressed by the advice received from Victor so far and look forward to our further cooperation. Victor has gone above and beyond our original services scope, and I am very happy I have finally found someone who understands us, our business and who’s there to help us grow. "


- Camilla Novotna

CEO, Founder

"I first engaged Victor when I started my business a year ago. In that time, Victor has consistently provided me with excellent advice and guidance. He answers queries in a timely manner and he is always available for a chat over the phone and meets in person when required. 

He has been able to adapt his approach to the growing needs of my business and the ever-changing construction environment.

He is proactive in always trying to finding the best outcome for myself and the business.  

I regard him as a trusted advisor, who always has mine and the companies best interests at heart.  

I would have no hesitation in recommending or being a reference to Victor and the team at Tax Ezi"


- Chris Aldunate

Managing Director