Construction Cash Flow Solution

Cash flow solution designed for busy construction business owners who want to stay on top of their cash flows without having to hire a full-time in-house accounting manager and waste time to deal with the creditors.

The program provides comprehensive cover for all your needs for the cash flow. Ensure you have a strong cash flow to maintain and grow your business. And avoid the business failure that 80% of the small business in construction faced. 

Problem solving

Construction cash flow solution provides comprehensive cash flow solutions to eliminate the top construction cash flow challenges, which include: 


Not knowing the cash flow position: Most of the construction business owners are not aware of their cash flow deficit early enough to allow them taking control.

Lack of cash flow solution: 90% of the construction business has no strategy in place when dealing with the cash flow, which normally leads to the business paying more cost for the cash flow solution.

Time-consuming: The average construction business spends 8-16 hours per week on receivable and payable management. This normally is the business owner's job, which restricts their capacity to work on the income-generating tasks.


The program has a three month trial period. During the trial period, we provide a result guarantee for the business to improve the cash flow. Ever since the program release, we have helped dozens of business to improve the cash flow and achieved 100% success rate. Read our client's testimonials to see how we helped them resolve their biggest headache!