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What is garnishee letter?

By definition, garnishee notice is a legal document which requests third party(financial institutions, employer, clients who owe you money, etc.) to make payments toward a debt owed by an entity to its creditor who issues the garnishee letter.

In a lot of cases, the garnishee notice is issued by ATO for overdue tax debts. This is a common practice as part of the firmer actions that ATO can take against taxpayers. The letter is also an indicator that the ATO starts to accelerate the debt collection process. You should act on it quickly, take action fast to solve your tax issue to avoid ATO taking further actions against you and your business!

If you received a warning from the ATO of intending to issue a garnishee notice, or the garnishment took place, give us a call for help with how to get out of the tax debt trouble.

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